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Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTIONS... Please feel free to contact us online at or telephone us at 201-945-7371 if you have any questions or would like to place an order for any of our stock or custom fabricated retail products. 


WHOLESALE PRICING & TERMS... We are happy to offer bulk, wholesale and distributor pricing and terms to qualified business customers.  We offer low minimum orders and welcome inquiries from small specialty retailers and botiques; as well as brokers, distributors, and high volume purchasers.  Please call us at 201-945-7371 to discuss terms, pricing and how we can best serve your business needs.



 DISCOUNTS and SPECIAL OFFERS... We do, from time to time, offer Discounts and Special Offers.  All current sales, promotions, special offers or discounts are listed on the "Sales/Specials" page of our website.  Special offers, discounts, sales and promotions can not be combined or "stacked" unless specifically stated on our website.  We reserve the right to discontinue, limit or modify any sale, discount or special offer with or without prior notice.  The "Richard Huff" discount has expired.  Please check our website often for new sales, discounts and special offers.

 ORDERING… There are two ways to order POSH TM salt.

  • BY E-MAIL… send an e-mail to identifying the product(s) and quantity of each product that you would like to purchase, including your name, telephone number, delivery address and return e-mail address. We will confirm receipt of your order and provide you with the total payment due, including shipping, by return e-mail. If we have any questions regarding how best to fill your order, especially with regard to fabricated products such as plates, presentation platters etc., we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to make sure that we understand what you are looking for and how best to accommodate your needs;


  • BY TELEPHONE… call us at 201-945-7371. We are a small company that loves to talk about its products and is committed to customer satisfaction. If your call goes to voicemail, leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


PAYMENT… There are two ways to pay for POSH TM salt. All orders will be shipped promptly upon receipt of payment.

  • Pay by Check or Money Order to "POSH Salt", P.O. Box 298, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010; or
  • Pay by MasterCard or Visa safely and securely online with credit card processing administered by PayPal.


SHIPPING… We try to make it simple and economical.

      The customer pays the actual cost of shipping. We do not charge any handling fees or add any amount to the cost of shipping charged to us by the carrier.  We generally use the United States Postal Service to deliver the majority of our products. We have found that the USPS’s $8.60 flat rate Priority Mail service, with delivery confirmation, is most economical, reliable and well suited to delivery of our products. With Flat Rate shipping, the total cost of shipping will depend upon the number of boxes necessary to accommodate the size and weight of your order.  The size or weight of some products may make USPS Flat Rate shipping unavailable, in which case we will try to find the best rate and service to ship your order.  We are happy to ship via FedEx or UPS and some customers with FedEx or UPS accounts can realize substantial savings by having shipments billed directly to their own account.  Shipping by the pallet or truckload is available FOB NJ... please call for rates and terms.

RETURNS... Retail customers who purchased directly from POSH Salt may return an unopened, unused product, in its original condition and packaging after obtaining a return authorization code from POSH Salt.  No product will be accepted for return and no refund or credit will be issued without a return authorization code.  A return authorization code must be requested by e-mailing us within 10 days of the date that we shipped the product to the customer.  If the product is being returned because it is not the correct product size or style ordered or it is broken when delivered, we reserve the right to replace the item or issue a refund or credit for the amount paid for the product.  If the product is being returned for any other reason, we reserve the right to issue a refund or credit for the amount paid for the product.  All customer credits must be used within 6 months of the date of issue.  We do not issue refund or credit for any shipping charges and all items returned shall be shipped postage prepaid by the customer.  If we decide to replace an item, we will pay the cost of standard ground shipping of the replacement. 

Your questions and feedback are always welcome.

 We are available to answer questions, listen to your feedback and work with you to identify the particular stock or custom POSH TM salt products that best meet your budget and imaginings.




     Our exclusive POSH Saltware TM 100% Natural Himalayan Salt plates, platters, serving and presentation pieces are indeed amazing.  Each is hand crafted from a single solid piece of all Natural Pink Himalayan Salt.  As such, variations in color, texture, shape and size should be expected, as well as naturally occurring faults, cleavage or inclusions.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and  skilled craftsmanship and will always try to accommodate our customer's aesthetic and/or budgetary needs and specifications.


  • Suggestions for Use. POSH Saltware TM can be used at room temp or chilled in a refrigerator or freezer (to at lest 0 degrees F) or heated in an oven (to at least 900 degrees F).  It will adopt whatever temperature you expose it to and hold it for a good while.  What you serve on it is limited only by your imagination.  Our Saltware TM works particularly well with sashimi.  The raw fish will actually start to 'cure" right on the plate.  The plate draws out moisture from the fish and delicately seasons it at the same time.  The longer the fish is on the salt, the more it will cure and the saltier it will taste.  No need for soy sauce, but other less salty sauces can be offered for dipping on the side.  Something light such as a wasabi-ginger, lemon-pepper or herb pesto sauce would work nicely, although according to New York Magazine, the plate itself renders any sauce superfluous.  Cooked seafood also lends itself to service on our Saltware TM.  Shrimp, scallops, lobster, lump crabmeat etc., are all enhanced by presentation on our plates.  If you want to get even more creative, you could arrange the seafood on the plate with fresh herbs, or slices of fruit or vegetables such as pineapple, cucumber, mango, avocado, lemon, etc.  Cooked poultry and meats can be presented in a similar fashion, but if you're truly an adventuresome cook, you could heat the plate in the oven, bring it to the table on a regular dish (carefully and with a warning to all that the salt plate is HOT!) and sear thinly sliced carpaccio of beef on the hot salt right at the table.  The "POSHibilities" are endless!  Try using a piece of small Saltware TM at the table to serve butter... place unsalted butter on the Saltware TM... guests that prefer no salt can take from the top while guests that want salted butter can get as much as they like by scraping butter from the bottom across the surface of the plate.


  • Suggestions for Care and Reuse.  All of our Saltware TM is indeed reusable.  Salt, as you may know, is naturally antimicrobial, so it will tend to inhibit the growth of organisms and retard the spoilage of food.  But, unless you are using it strictly for the display of dry food or with some sort of barrier (such as paper or a leaf) between the food and the salt, we recommend washing the plate between uses.  To wash the plate, simply give it a quick rinse under warm gently running water using a moving hand or soft brush to ensure the removal of any adhered food particles and then dry it thoroughly on a rack or with a towel or in a 200 degrees F oven.  Given such care the plate should last you a long time.  The plate will get smaller with each rinsing, and when it is no longer serviceable at the table you can grind it into a fine finishing salt, toss it in water to make an exquisite brine or, better yet, throw it in your bathtub to experience a revitalizing primordial sea soak.  It really is as good for the outside of you as it is for the inside.


Please check our website often for innovative new product offerings and special offers or call us at 201.945.7371 with any questions or comments or to order any of our stock or custom products.


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