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Cooking on Salt continues to fuel fires of invention for POSH Salt™

Pressemitteilung von: POSH Salt
POSH Saltware (tm) handcrafted pink Himalayan salt plate with Sashimi
POSH Saltware (tm) handcrafted pink Himalayan salt plate with Sashimi
(openPR) - POSH Salt’s Saltware™ is the Original Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab. Conceived by the company’s Founder, Laura Castelli, a nurse/attorney, in 2004 and quickly embraced by NYC's most inventive Chefs. POSH Salt & Saltware™ continues to be the leader in developing and supporting innovative ways to use 100% natural handcrafted pink Himalayan salt slabs, bricks, blocks, sticks, plates on the table and in the oven. Castelli’s invention was seemingly slow to reach middle America, until noted food editor Nancy Stohs wrote a feature article about it for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and suddenly cooking on POSH Salt™ pink Himalayan salt slabs has become all the rage, again.

When Castelli innovated the upside down notion of "fooding your salt", as opposed to limiting Chefs to the traditional other way around, she claims it was simply logical to question why someone would take a huge boulder of natural pink salt and crush it into powder without at least even trying to cut and use it in the solid pink crystal salt form God gave it to us in the first place. That kind of questioning logic kept her at the top of her game as an attorney for 21 years and has served POSH Salt™ well during the 7 years she has been at its helm. According to Castelli, the more she handled and played with the pink Himalayan salt, the more she discovered about its unique qualities and functionality and the more passionate she became about making it her life’s work.

Castelli is happy to report that she no longer practices law and devotes her time solely to POSH Salt™. She is fortunate to have both her mother, Julia Fracica, a financial partner as well as her husband, Jerry Petrozelli, POSH Salt’s™ Master Saltcrafter, at her side. Castelli takes a great deal of pride in what she has invented and created and does not take kindly to those who have recently emerged to jump on POSH Salt’s™ pink salt bandwagon. “I don’t know what they are selling, from where they are getting it, how it will perform under various temperature conditions, or any of that; but unless it is a genuine POSH Salt™ produced product I am offended that anyone would make any claim of similarity between their product and ours. There’s a lot more to this business than calling a country in South Asia and ordering a couple of crates of “salt cooking slabs”. The quality control process from start to finish is ceaseless and we have a 7-year track record of nothing but adherence to the strictest standards. Show me another company with our history and then talk to me about comparison. The last thing I want to do is spend my days in courtrooms again; but I will if it has to do with protecting the interests of my company or its products”.

From table to tub, stovetop to spa, heated to chilled, dense boulder to delicate dust consumers are cautioned to look for the POSH Salt & Saltware™ pink Himalayan salt brand of pink salt blocks, pink salt slabs, pink salt plates to be assured of the best in quality, consistency and customer support. There are others who are selling products that claim to be similar in composition and functionality. Castelli, however, is quick to caution; “We do not endorse or make any representations as to the quality or functionality of any products other than genuine POSH Salt & Saltware™”. For more information on genuine POSH Salt & Saltware™ visit

POSH Venture Group LLC, the owner of POSH Salt™, is the sole handcrafter and supplier of genuine POSH Salt & Saltware™ products; and sells its products at wholesale to qualified distributors and directly to the Hospitality, Wellness and Retail Trades. To become a distributor or wholesale customer of POSH Salt™ e-mail or call 201-945-7371. Wholesale pricelists will be available by e-mail after the qualification (a simple process) is complete.

COMING SOON: Retail consumers who are unable to find genuine POSH Salt & Saltware™ products at a local Retailer will be able to order products from online POSH Salt’s affiliate company, Until the link is up and running the folks at POSH Salt™ are happy to take your order by e-mail or telephone.

From a culinary standpoint nothing is hotter right now than salt and the absolute Hottest Salt available is the kind you cook on from a small company named POSH Salt™. This 7 year-old family run business conceived the concept of cooking on salt and handcrafts everything from tiny salt pedestals to massive pizza ovens. They are very knowledgeble about what their products can and cannot do and are happy to work with customers to design new applications or custom craft unique Saltware (tm) plates, slabs, or other pink salt crystal forms. POSH Salt is a wholesaler to the Trade but will sell directly to Consumers at retail by telephone or e-mail.

PO Box 298
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
Laura E Castelli RN, Esq