Primordial Ocean Salt Himalaya™
100% Natural Himalayan Salt & Saltware™

100% Natural Handcrafted Himalayan Salt & SaltwareTM
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How to Cook on Salt

Watch Chef Fortunato Nicotra, Executive Chef at Lydia Bastinach's flagship restaurant Felidia, using his POSH SaltwareTM pink Himalayan Salt Plates to wow judges on Iron Chef America.  Chef Nicotra sources his POSH Salt & SaltwareTM through reknowned spice guru, Mr. Recipe, who is an authorized distributor of POSH Salt & SaltwareTM in NYC.

See how Chef Mike Bryant attracted media attention using his POSH SaltwareTM Sushi SticksTM at Bin 8945 in West Hollywood, CA.  Chef Bryant first introduced POSH Saltware TM salt plates, blocks and cooking slabs to California Cuisine while serving as Executive Chef at Norman Van Aken's acclaimed Hollywood restaurant "Norman's".

Watch this 3 minute crash course in the care and use of POSH Salt & SaltwareTM.  We produced this "how to" video with the assistance of Chef Glenn Wedell, corporate Chef of Mani Imports.  The Chef demonstrates some of the many ways to use POSH SaltwareTM 100% natural salt plates, salt cooking slabs and salt presentation tiles in the preparation, plating and presentation of a variety of appetizers, entrees and even desserts.  We created this video to give you a "taste" our unique products and capabilities.  For further techniques and information contact Laura at 201.945.7371.


Follow this link to watch our Culinary Director, Chef Alisa Malavenda, demonstrate how to prepare Flaming Saganaki on a 9" x 18" x 1.5" POSH SaltwareTM  cooking slab.  Chef Alisa has been using the slab you see in this video for over 2 years and the fact that a corner of the slab has broken off does not interfere with its functionality.

Read the Journal Sentinel aricle featuring POSH Salt & SaltwareTM 
by renowned Food Editor Nancy Stohs
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